“Willow Pond” by April Grey

March 17, 2012

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What lurks beneath the black mirror surface of the pond? Do memories lie therein or dark fantasies? [18 min]


By that point, my mother was no longer among the living, and so, there was no one to warn me about Willow Pond.

I never married or had children, and I suppose Aunt Margot chose to leave her worldly goods to me simply because, like her, I was alone. She could have just as easily given the money to the local dog pound, a place where she had donated her services well into her eighties. Something is to be said for pity, as I was planning an early semi-retirement and her place, an old farmhouse sitting next to a pond surrounded by ancient willows would serve me well.

Upon her attorney mailing me the house keys, I courageously rented a car. I rarely drove and had never driven a manual. So, it was my misfortune that the only compact available on the lot was a stick shift. Still my spirits were high as I traveled down small country lanes and through quaint villages still unacquainted with the likes of Walmart or Kentucky Fried Chicken. In fact, I was wondering exactly how desolate the area was when I spotted a gas station complete with a convenience store attached. I heaved a sigh of relief, grateful that some vestige of civilization remained in this rural outpost.

I fueled up the tank, bought some supplies, and checked my directions to the property. The station attendant gave good directions, and within three quarters of an hour, I turned into a drive, quite overgrown, but recognizable for the statues of lions guarding the gates on the stone wall.

I hadn’t been there since a young child, and though I remembered that some unpleasantness had unfolded there, I couldn’t remember exactly what. My mother preferred not to discuss my father’s side of the family, understandable after the divorce, and so I never sought out the story of my one visitation with Aunt Margot.



DougK March 18, 2012 at 5:10 PM

Creepy and Lovecraftian. I liked the gray oozy imagery and the descriptions of the creatures she saw (or thought she saw?). Nice job! 🙂

Sandy Hunter March 31, 2012 at 11:15 AM

April, great excerpt! The mood is set. This sounds like a story I’d love to read. Congrats on your publication.

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