“The Minimart, the Ruger, and the Girl” by Mark Worthen

March 15, 2009


Under the shadow of a supernatural serial killer’s rampage through Utah, Nick must choose between the girl he loves and solving the crime. Murder mystery, love story, dark fantasy, “The Minimart, The Ruger, and the Girl” tells the story of one man’s successful search for his place in the world. (36min)

NOTE: This story contains adult language and topics.

An excerpt:

About halfway to the house, after banging my feet and barking my shins against the piles and mounds of old junk camouflaged by the tall weeds, I kicked into something soft and heavy that nearly tumbled me into a heap of ancient and rusty rebar. The object I’d tripped over seemed softer than the rest of the angular crap in the yard. So I reached down to find out what it was, and as soon as I touched it, I knew what I’d found.

I tripped and stumbled back to the store to get a flashlight, not telling the kid anything, and returned to the body.

That’s what it was, all right. A body. In the glare of the light, I saw the Hispanic kid I’d scared away from the store my first night on the job. He’d bled to death – someone had garroted him, then torn open the side of his throat and emptied him.

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First appeared in Thicker Than Water, March 2005

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