“The Fortress of Solicitude” by Laura Givens

September 14, 2011

Extra! Extra! Sex-crazed girls killing local lads in the streets of Newark! Read all about it! It’s 1938 and Kong the Avenger is out to solve the most bizarre case of his short career as a mystery man. He may need a little help from his friends. [23 min]


“Okay, I’ll tell the story but you gotta remember this was back before all these super-duper types wore fancy costumes and shot lightning bolts out of their asses.” Duke Sandscott was a regular fixture around the Fortress of Solicitude Bar & Grill. At ninety two he could still hold his own in a bar fight and always had some outrageous adventure to relate. “I’d been a masked vigilante for about six months, Kong, the Avenger…”

Niles Carter, resplendent in his threadbare, broad-brimmed slouch hat, broke in, “You were a sight in that gorilla suit and skull helmet, twin sawed-off shotguns blazing away and cartridge belts slung like you were some Mexican bandit. Bad guys pissed their pants when they caught a sight of you but I could never figure out if they were scared or just pissed themselves laughing.”

Duke took a sip of beer and cleared his throat. “So sayeth the Velvet Ghost! Look Carter, do you want me to tell this or not?”



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