“The Bobble Head of Doom” by Robert C. Eccles

November 12, 2011

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Inspiration for murder can come from the darnedest places. There always was something suspicious about Ol’ Tricky Dick.


“Nice night for a murder, wouldn’t you agree, Mr. President?” Nick Singletary watched the people walk past on the sidewalk outside his ground floor apartment. He glanced back at the Richard Nixon bobble head on his desk. The ex-president’s head nodded in agreement.

Nixon’s arms were extended, his hands raised in identical “victory” signs. His face was etched in a scowl.

“The question is, who will it be tonight?” Nick eyed a young boy walking home from the convenience store down the street.

“What do you think? Something young and fresh?” Nick looked back at the 37th president of the United States. Mr. Nixon’s head shook back and forth.



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