“The Battle of the Bands” by Derek Clendening

July 5, 2009

Rock musicians live hard, play rough and love deeply. Dane and Rod are in competing bands, but that didn’t stop them from falling in love. When it comes to the stage and the music, all’s fair in love and war. There’s no better way to make fans than with a crime of passion. [19mins]


Dane pressed the blade into to Rocco’s throat, but not hard enough to make him bleed. Just hard enough to make him sweat a little. Rocco whimpered beneath the length of duct tape sealing his mouth, and his soiled t-shirt was heavy with sweat. Kicking and grunting despite his bound wrists and ankles made the van bounce up and down on its tired shocks.

“Think we’re gonna make this painful?” Dane asked. “Seriously dude, there’s not that much bad blood here. You’ve only got one thing that we want anyway.”

Rocco strained against the ropes and shook his head from side to side.

“Oh, you misunderstand the situation. I’m not bitter about Rod, or my song. I’m over all that. This is just business.”

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