“Stand Off” by Alan Baxter

July 25, 2009


When a young man’s life is threatened in a dark alley, a powerful stranger steps in to help. But is this stranger really as altruistic as he seems? A story featuring Isiah, the powerful immortal from the dark fantasy novels RealmShift and MageSign. (24min)


Gary wondered which one would kill him first. His terror was threatening to knock him out, his mind about to shut down. His body felt like it was nothing but a skin bag half full of cold water. His bladder had already let go. He could tell that his face was white from the cool sheen of sweat that covered him and the chill that filled him.

He sat on the filthy street, knees trembling together, feet splayed out at bizarre angles, hands somehow supporting him behind. Just as he had fallen. He could feel the cold tarmac under his hands and buttocks, the dampness seeping into the seat of his jeans, but that was probably cooling urine. He could feel tiny particles of gravel under the pads of his fingers. He was aware of all these things, but in a way that was detached, like they were somebody else’s experiences. His whole body trembled with the vibration of abject terror and he stared wide eyed from one figure to the other as they stood either side of him and he wondered again which one would kill him first.

“Stand Off” by Alan Baxter first appeared in Infinitas Newsletter, December 2008

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