“Small Cold Things” by Richard E. Dansky

May 12, 2009

Jenny and Sean have a little bit of a cat problem. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ve got a problem that runs a whole lot deeper than that….


“Not again,” she whispered. “Oh, God, please not again.” Faintly, she could hear rushing water. The shower was running, the bathroom door closed – maybe there was enough time to hide it before Sean came back out. Questing fingers trawled across the bedsheets while she forced her eyes to crack open, looking for the evidence she already knew would be there.

In the bed.


Fingertips found what they were looking for, a damp patch still faintly warm to the touch. No wonder the scent had awakened her. It hung in the air, acrid and dense. Two senses were in agreement that it was there; she screwed her eyes back shut in hopes of providing the third, but still brought her wet fingertips to her nose for confirmation.

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