“Shark’s Tooth” by Ken Goldman

December 19, 2010

Here is a story with teeth! Ken Goldman’s “Shark’s Tooth” could be the bastard child of Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” and “Schindler’s List.” Old Benjamin Crab has kept his terrible secret for many years, but there is a much worse secret waiting for him at the bottom of the Atlantic. [22min]


Benjamin Crabb enjoyed sweating in the salty air that swirled off Florida’s Keys. Today the sweat on his forehead made him feel especially alive, the moisture beneath his shirt making him feel forty years younger. Preparing the complex rigging of the Sonia’s Smile convinced Crabb that age was only a state of mind. As he stepped onto the flying bridge, he fingered the triangular shark’s tooth around his neck, silently admiring how it glittered in the sun upon its golden chain.

“Nella! The tanks! Would you check the hoses for me? And the pressure? And – -”

“– And the six cold ones? Not to worry, Dad. Done, done, and done!”

Benjamin peeked into the cooler just to be sure. He would have one hell of a reason to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday if he found his golden treasure today. How many years had he searched for it? It didn’t matter, because he would find it. It was out there in the Atlantic about seventy nautical miles southeast of the Saddlebunch Keys.


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