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August 15, 2009

mcgough150_longScott McGough, a renowned writer in his own right who just happens to also have a wonderful reading voice, graciously agreed to donate his time to read some of the marvelous stories we share here on the Wily Writers site.

Scott is an author and editor who lives in Seattle. He pursued creative writing at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he studied fiction with Steve Dixon and John Barth, and playwriting with Edward Albee and Robert Arellano (Dixon was the best teacher, Albee was the funniest). He went on to earn his MFA in creative writing at The University of Washington.

Scott has written about ten Magic: the Gathering novels (including Chainer’s Torment and the Kamigawa Trilogy) on his own and another five or so with co-authors (including the Lorwyn Trilogy, in collaboration with the inimitable Cory J. Herndon).

He has done a smattering of voice work for PC games (Pirates of the Burning Seas) and appeared as a zombie extra in the film Creatures from the Pink Lagoon. If there’s karaoke in the mix, he’s been known to sing the hell out of Minnie the Moocher (and his Rock Band version of “Jukebox Hero” has been known to bring the house down, too, though not quite in the same way).

In his non-professional life, Scott is notoriously foul-mouthed and irascible, yet he likes pets and small children, which makes for some wildly fun and/or traumatic interactions. He spends way too much time exploring single malt scotch and crazy-violent horror movies. An aspiring foodie, Scott loves grilling chicken, has mastered the homemade French Dip, and is working on the perfect homemade teriyaki sauce. His taste in music is broad and deep, but skews heavily toward R&B. If he had a time machine, he would go back to the early 60’s and take singing and dancing lessons in aid of becoming one of Gladys Knight’s Pips.

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