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August 26, 2012

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Russell Linton was raised in Oklahoma, currently resides in Texas, and mostly through osmosis, has managed to write his first published story—a non-traditional “Western”. Growing up in the suburbs off of a golf course, Russell’s exposure to the traditional West mostly consisted of re-runs of Big Valley, Lone Ranger, and Wild, Wild West along with family trips into the backwoods of Arkansas and New Mexico to visit relatives. The fantasy angle, on the other hand, is oddly more familiar to him.

Russell considers himself a sort of sentient hat rack—as in he wears and has seen too many. Graphic designer (no, it’s not a beret), photographer (ball cap worn backwards), investigator (fedora, black), philosopher (the platonic Form of all hats floating somewhere beyond our senses), Dad (used to be a full hazmat suit, but now down to just the visor), Scoutmaster (wide flexible brim to keep the sun off), CASA volunteer (standard issue Kevlar infantry bucket and armed with a Teddy Bear), and now published author (must wait for head swelling to subside so it can get sized.)

Jodie Prickett August 27, 2012 at 10:28 PM

Love your hats!

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