Philip Pickard: Profile

December 5, 2010

Philip Pickard is a voice actor extraordinaire. He has a wonderfully flexible voice, ranging from serious and articulate to loose and cartoonish.

He recognizes the importance not just of proper tone, but of timing. The greatest joke told in the funniest voice won’t crack a single smile if the punchline is rushed. A sad moment in a skillfully written story won’t moisten any eyes if it isn’t allowed to sink in. He is upbeat and easy to work with.

He’ll work at whatever pace is needed: He can bang something out quick or give 15 different angles on every sentence. Drawing from years of doing voices for fun and graduating from the Voices For All “Voiceover Master Class,” he is at perfect ease in a recording studio.

  • Check out his his website to see video reviews, samples of his audio work, and other fun stuff!
  • Also visit his demo page where you can listen to his demos and hear what other voiceover projects he has done.

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