James S. Dorr: Profile

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James Dorr has two collections from Dark Regions Press, Strange Mistresses: Tales of Wonder and Romance and Darker Loves: Tales of Mystery and Regret, while his all-poetry Vamps (A Retrospective) came out in August 2011 from Sam’s Dot Publishing. Dorr is an active member of SFWA and HWA, with nearly four hundred appearances in venues […]

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“Nemesis: The Case of the Headless Lady” by Nyki Blatchley

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Sam Nemesis, private investigator to gods, heroes and monsters, has a tricky case to solve – Medusa the gorgon has been murdered, and her distraught sisters want Sam to find the culprit. But how’s he to track down a wannabe hero punk who seems to have friends in the very highest places?

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“Wearing the Star Cloak,” by Darian Smith

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The unstoppable power of a legendary hero searches for a new host to wield it. Who is worthy to wear the star cloak? [18 min]

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Darian Smith: Profile

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Darian Smith lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife and neurotic Siamese cat. In his day job, he works with people who have muscular dystrophy. He has dabbled in non-fiction but much prefers to make stuff up and his short stories have appeared in various competitions and publications. Two of his stories have been […]

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“Fire Season” by Samuel Mae

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For five years, Matong has struggled as a farmer in inhospitable conditions on newly colonized Cascade, but things may be about to change, for better or worse. [15 min]

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Samuel Mae: Profile

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Samuel Mae lives near the bottom of the world, in Auckland, New Zealand, but spends a lot of time traveling the universes of his imagination—–which sounds corny, but has resulted in him selling short fiction to such places as Electric Velocipede, Stupefying Stories, Wily Writers, and elsewhere. Let us read you his award-winning story, “Fire […]

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“Material Witness” by Brenta Blevins

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A princess returns home to tragedy after her father dies under mysterious circumstances that allow her violent uncle to seize control of the kingdom. Can she use the ancient magic of her family tapestry to solve the mystery of her father’s death and return the kingdom to just rule? [32 min] Excerpt: Eyes swollen with […]

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Brenta Blevins: Profile

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Brenta Blevins lives and writes in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. Her short fiction has appeared in such markets as ChiZine, Daily Science Fiction, and Sword and Sorceress. She married her husband on the slope of a volcano 5,000 miles from their home. The two have been traveling since then, not remotely to […]

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“Outwitted” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

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When her fiancé’s spell goes devastatingly wrong, the Earth mage Jana must find a way to use her own magic to restore him to the man she loves. [17 min]

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Donald Jacob Uitvlugt: Profile

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Donald Jacob Uitvlugt grew up in Western Michigan and now lives in Central Arkansas with his wife and dog. In addition to his previous appearance in Wily Writers, his short fiction has appeared in a number of print and online venues, including ChiZine, www.SpaceWesterns.com, and Renard’s Menagerie, as well as the anthologies Cinema Spec, New […]

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“On the Unlawful Events Taking Place at Outcast’s Last” by A.D. Spencer

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Mr. Representative, as you might already know, planet Vertilla has witnessed the birth of several infamous outlaws. [18 min]

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A.D. Spencer: Profile

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A.D. Spencer lives in northern Alabama with her Chihuahua side-kick, Yoda, who inspires her on a daily basis. Her speculative short stories have appeared in anthologies such as The Big Book of Bizarro by Burning Bulb Publishing, Fear of the Dark by Horror Bound Magazine, and Dagan Books’ FISH (chumming the waters February 2012). Let […]

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Folly Blaine: Profile

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Folly Blaine lives in Seattle, Washington, and is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. Her work has appeared online at Every Day Fiction, InfectiveINk.com, 10Flash Quarterly, and Flashes in the Dark.

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“The Comet Rider” by Ray Whitter

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The last free Comet Express rider is oath-bound to deliver her mysterious cargo to Triton, and not even the long arm of the law can stop her. [25 min]

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Ray Whitter: Profile

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Ray Whitter is an avid storyteller and world-builder. She wrote her first short story at age five and has been making things up ever since. Her current hobby is taking two seemingly unrelated genres, stuffing them in a jar, and shaking them up until they fight. When not writing, she is either drawing, drinking tea, […]

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Amanda Fitzwater: Profile

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Amanda Fitzwater lives in Shakytown, that is, Christchurch, New Zealand, and has become adept at skipping cracks. An author of science fiction and fantasy, her work can be found at such venues as The Future Fire, Expanded Horizons, and the recently released Crossed Genres anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land. A voice artist and […]

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“Eric” by Alicia VanNoy Call

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Cyndal, Eric, and Lukas struggle for survival after the devastating Scourge virus sweeps across the country. In this post-apocalyptic world, the biggest threat to Cyndal and her family could be the loss of hope. [33 min]

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Alicia VanNoy Call: Profile

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Alicia VanNoy Call is a professional artist, but her first love is the written word. When she is not painting, you can find her treading words toward a new story. She has been published in Utah Valley University’s creative writing anthologies: Touchstones and Warp & Weave. Her favorite genres include science fiction/fantasy and literary young […]

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Profile: Angela Joyce Hackett

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Angela Joyce Hackett was thrilled to be asked to read for Wily Writers. Angela is an old fashioned nerd. She loves science fiction and fantasy, and she especially loves it when the two of them get together and celebrate one another like they do here on this site. Angela spends most of her free time […]

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“Chicken Feet” by Lauren C. Teffeau

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A young girl struggles with whether manufactured hope is as good as the real thing while she helps her family survive in a landscape marred by fallout. [19 min]

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