Profile: Andrew Knighton

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Andrew lives and occasionally writes in Stockport, England, where the grey skies provide a good motive to stay inside at the word processor. When not working in his standard issue office job he battles the slugs threatening to overrun his garden and the monsters lurking in the woods. He’s had over forty stories published in […]

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“Where the Dacouvri Died” by Brian Dolton

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Caught between two enemies, the Dacouvri turned to the goddess of the mountains for protection. But what does that protection really mean – and what does it cost? [14 min]

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Profile: Brian Dolton

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An Englishman now living in an obscure corner of New Mexico, Brian Dolton has traveled widely. He’s watched the sun set over Saharan dunes from the back of a camel; he’s played volleyball on a sandbar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; he’s stayed in a Buddhist monastery on a sacred mountain in Japan. […]

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Profile: Midori Snyder

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Midori Snyder is the author of nine books for adults and children, published in English, French, Dutch, and Turkish. She won the Mythopoeic Award for The Innamorati, a novel inspired by early Roman myth and the Italian “Commedia dell’Arte” tradition. Her most recent novel, Except the Queen, a contemporary urban fantasy was co-authored with Jane […]

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“Beached” by Nicole Feldringer

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When the last of the sea ice disappears, Nattiq must decide whether her future lies in her seal skin … or in a different form entirely. [11 min]

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Nicole Feldringer: Profile

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Nicole Feldringer is a Ph.D. student in atmospheric sciences and a former Himalayan earthquake geologist. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with a Frisbee-obsessed Australian Cattle Dog and writes short stories, science fiction novels, and academic essays on climate dynamics. She can be found online at Read “Beached” a mythic, cryptofiction tale of an […]

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“Waking the Taniwha” by Dan Rabarts

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The search for a missing ship becomes a desperate race with an unknown creature across New Zealand’s untamed wilderness. [27min]

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Dan Rabarts: Profile

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Dan Rabarts is a speculative fiction writer, sometime narrator of podcasts (including stories for the Hugo award-winning StarShipSofa), occasional sailor of sailing things, and father of two wee miracles in a little house on a hill, under the southern sun. He has work published or forthcoming in the Wily Writers Podcast and at Andromeda Spaceways […]

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“Cineraku” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

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Takemoto-sensei took in a slow breath. Released it. He cleared his mind. He willed the arthritis out of his fingers. He did not have time for the pains of an old man. The performance was about to start.

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“Presenting the Mobius Follies” by Tom Brennan

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“I don’t remember seeing any photos or sketches of the set and I’ve been through most of the archives.” …
The old director stared at him. “And you never will. They burned all the plans afterward.” [17min]

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Tom Brennan: Profile

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Tom Brennan lives near the sea in Liverpool, UK, with wife Sylvia and a very spooky white cat called Delaney. His day job is Emergency Medical Dispatcher, taking 911 calls, but he enjoys writing fiction – Speculative, SF/F, Crime, Literary. Guilty pleasures include old black and white films and nostalgia. He has an alt.history novel, […]

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“Nihil Est” by Fosco Graves

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If you disappeared, would anyone notice?

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Fosco Graves: Profile

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Fosco Graves lives in the wilds of New York State, not safely far from where H. P. Lovecraft heard the whisperer in the darkness. He teaches philosophy, which requires him to look into the abyss of unfounded existence forty hours a week. In his spare time, he aspires to become increasingly frightening. Listen to Fosco’s […]

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“The Lords of Zero” by Tony Richards

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The gang’s leader only ever showed up after evening fell … but where exactly was he coming from? [32 min]

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Tony Richards: Profile

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Tony Richards is the author of such horror novels as Night Feast and The Harvest Bride, and has most recently produced the Raine’s Landing supernatural fantasy series from HarperCollins. He has additionally seen more than 100 shorter works into print and has been short-listed for both the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy awards. Read Tony’s […]

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“The Sentinels of San Saba” by H.J. Hill

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Never betray an old friend, especially the one who knows where the treasure is buried. [17 min]

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H.J. Hill: Profile

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H.J. Hill has been writing stories for several years. Her work has been featured in Pill Hill Press, Crossed Genres, and other publications. In her varied career, she has practiced law, homeschooled her children, and raised chickens in her urban backyard deep in the heart of Texas. “The Sentinels of San Saba” is her first […]

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“The Precarious Perch of Lookout County” by Russell Linton

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Marshal Ellis discovers he may just be in over his head as he condemns a local man, turned fae, to the cold iron tether at the outskirts of town.

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Russell Linton: Profile

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Russell Linton was raised in Oklahoma, currently resides in Texas, and mostly through osmosis, has managed to write his first published story—a non-traditional “Western”. Growing up in the suburbs off of a golf course, Russell’s exposure to the traditional West mostly consisted of re-runs of Big Valley, Lone Ranger, and Wild, Wild West along with […]

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“Cindy” by James S. Dorr

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It seems like a lot of trouble for a godmother to go through to get Cinderella ready for the ball and the marriage which must inevitably follow. But what if the fairy has her own agenda?

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