“Outwitted” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

May 12, 2012

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When her fiancé’s spell goes devastatingly wrong, the Earth mage Jana must find a way to use her own magic to restore him to the man she loves. [17 min]


Her pulse racing and her mind scarcely daring to think, Jana pounded on the heavy oak door of her fiancé’s workroom. “Tomek! Tomek, let me in!”

From within came the sound of breaking glass, and then a bestial cry. “No! Stay out!” From under the door came a flash of blue light, a moan, words that Jana could hardly hear. “Wrong…all wrong…” The words were oddly twisted, as if Tomek underwent a great agony simply to shape them. Another cry rang out.

Whatever had happened in the chamber, it sounded like it was killing Tomek.

“I shall enter whether you will it or not.” No reply from within save more breaking glass and a sound like the tearing of a thousand garments. Jana forced herself to ignore the sounds, forced herself to forget what might be happening to Tomek, how his working might have gone wrong. She concentrated on the feel of the stone floor of the keep under her slippered feet. Then she reached down, down past the floor, past the bedrock it rested on, down to the Source she touched when working her own craft. She felt power well within. With a prayer of thanks and a plea for mercy to Créa All-mother, Jana released a burst of fire toward the door.



“Outwitted” first appeared online at www.QuantumKiss.com.

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