“One Free Go” by Michelle Ann King

December 26, 2011

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Any good party needs an entertainer, and the fortune-teller at Darren’s makes it a night that at least one of his kids will never forget.


It’s really getting out of hand lately, all this Halloween business.

When I was a kid, a party meant a couple of ghost stories, some bat-shaped gingerbread, a bag of fun-sized Mars bars and that was it, job done. These days you have to decorate the whole house, get everyone fancy dress costumes, lay on enough chocolate to sink a battleship and buy boxes of specially-made cupcakes topped with fondant-icing eyeballs.

And, if all that isn’t enough, hire a professional children’s entertainer. I heard Chloe telling her mum that some other girl at school was going to have one, but I never thought Kate would actually go for it. This is all going to add up to a small fortune.

The woman’s dressed up as a witch, in the traditional pointed-hat-and-long-black-dress style. The gear looks like it’s seen a fair bit of use, but it’s proper quality — the dress is real velvet, while the cheap one Kate picked up down Romford market looks like it’s been made out of old bin liners.



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