“On the Unlawful Events Taking Place at Outcast’s Last” by A.D. Spencer

April 29, 2012

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Mr. Representative, as you might already know, planet Vertilla has witnessed the birth of several infamous outlaws. [18 min]


The name’s Mim, but I didn’t ‘spect that I’d ever live to tell it once the Enforcers blew the door off its hinges. Seems now, though, that I’m ‘posed to send a testament of events to my, that is to say, the Terra, Representative on the Galactic Council. Seeing as the message ain’t likely to survive the decade long trip to the core planets, guess I don’t have to be too worried about implicatin’ myself.

I’m reportin’ from the planet known as Vertilla, but she’s called a good many other names. Just three sentient races, though, have taken advantage of her hospitable climate regions over the past three hundred rotations. Vertilla’s greener than blue and more dessert than forest, as you probably already know, Mr. Representative. The place where the sands touch the plantlife is known as Last Stop. There was a simple reason for the namin’. When the Outcasts were sent from their homes like walkin’ abortions, that dry strip of scattered grass was the only land they could claim as their own. Unless, ‘course, they were to let the desert take ‘em. Most did just that.

It stood to reason, then, the long building sitting with its back to the sands was called Outcast’s Last. Didn’t need no sign.

I was a patron there, despite that I would have only been tall enough to reach my daddy’s elbow, and I had a few friends ‘bout my age who liked the sweets the owner, an Ol’ Tomkins, gave us. One of them was Cara. We called her Cara Red, because she was a part Vertin, native, and it showed in that stiff crimson hair and those gold-yellow eyes of hers.

Now, Mr. Representative, I realize, you ain’t very knowledgeable in the ways of the people here on Vertilla, so you might not be aware of the hostile nature of the ruling class, but suffice it to say, my friend Cara kept her head low, just like her Terra momma told her to, and tried to stay as far from those Eremiel jackwads as possible.

It just happened to be her misfortune that she was pickin’ up supplies the day three Enforcers were assigned a sweep over Ol’ Tomkins’ establishment. And it happened to be my misfortune that I was giggling at her side when they landed.



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