“Moon Drops” by Florence Ann Marlowe

July 29, 2011

After losing a child, Claudia experiences an unexpected awakening when she is summoned by the Moon. (Adult themes.) [25 min]

It wasn’t long after that the Moon began to speak to her. Its silken voice, soothing as a clarinet, called to her as she bathed in the middle of the day. It would calm her with lullabies on nights she lie awake listening to her heart pounding in her ears, Garret’s mute body lying next to her like a corpse. She heard promises in its voice that quieted her racing heart, slowed down the blood coursing through her brain. It saved her life, over and over again, night after night. She even heard it during the day at times.

She’d left her teaching job at the high school last January when the Moon told her it was time to leave. Her half eaten lunch sat on the blotter of her desk, along with her cell phone and day planner as she walked out the classroom door and took the stairs to the back lot. She could see the moon from the window in the stairwell as she descended the three floors to the ground level. Weakened by the daylight, it was half hidden in the blue skies, a ghost of itself peeking through the clouds. It had found her and told her it was time to leave.

Garret chastised her for leaving the Volvo at the school and walking the nearly two miles back to the house. She’d even forgotten her coat and her thighs were chapped from the wind. When Claudia explained that the Moon hadn’t reminded her to take her coat, Garret fell back on the sofa with a graceless plop. It was the first time she had ever seen her husband cry.



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