“Loathsome Alyce” by Sheila Crosby

February 14, 2010

Ellen knows that slutty Jennet is after her husband, Will. In desperation, she visits the village witch to discover whether Will has succumbed, but she doesn’t realize that Loathsome Alyce has her own agenda, which involves much more than thruppence ha’penny and six new-laid eggs. [23min – WARNING: Mature subject matter.]


Alyce sat inside, watching through the eyes of the rat in the thatch above the door. She sneered. Another customer without the courage to knock. Man-trouble by the way she chewed her lip, and unless Alyce was much mistaken, that was Ellen Woodglade, not yet married a year. If her Will was straying already, she must be a lackwit.

How Alyce despised the collection of sniveling peasants she lived off! Well, by the look of this one, if Alyce didn’t open the door herself, she’d be the poorer for it.

She levered herself up out of the chair and hobbled across the room. She could magick away the pain in her bones, but not restore the suppleness the years had robbed.

When she opened the door, the young woman gasped and looked ready to run. No courage here to worry about.

Alyce said, “Whatever brings you here, you’ll not solve it biting your finger ends on the doorstep. Inside with you.” And she jerked her head.

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