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December 20, 2009

Jess Hartley is a novelist, editor, game designer, fiction writer, and all around wordsmith. She began writing professionally in 2001, and entered the gaming industry in 2003, when she penned the Exalted novel, In Northern Twilight.

Since then, she has written content for more than 30 roleplaying game products including products in each of White Wolf’s new World of Darkness game lines, as well as Exalted Second Edition, and Scion.

One of Jess’ short stories, “Stigmatized Property,” was printed in the horror anthology, Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas, and she is a contributor to the essay collection, Family Games: The Best 100.

After the success of her four-part series, “Gen Con for the Aspiring Professional,” Jess began a weekly advice and etiquette column entitled One Geek to Another. This series is now available not only on her personal website, but in other fine locations, such as Pen and Paper Games.

A life-long native of the Pacific Northwest, she’s recently found herself transplanted to the wilds of Southeastern Arizona, where she dwells with her husband and youngest daughter and a menagerie of other interesting creatures. She’s an active member of The Camarilla and the Society for Creative Anachronism, and participates in a plethora of other strange and curious hobbies and pastimes which often make her neighbors and acquaintances scratch their heads in confusion. More information about Jess and her work can be found on her website:

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