“I’m My Own Kryptonite” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

October 30, 2011

Kenley Williams’s alter ego is killing him. Literally. Is a painful life in the hospital worth everything he goes through as a superhero? Does he have to sacrifice love along with everything else?


His eyes close. He can sense them, their lives a shout in the Flow of all things. Fear, anger, greed. In their midst, raw terror. That will be the girl. He must time this carefully. His hand shakes for just a moment. He wills it still, then opens himself wider to the Flow.

He gasps, feeling the Flow grow strong in him. Feeling his own strength grow. Now.

He surfs the waves of the Flow, projects himself into the warehouse. He slides past bullets, gasping as one of his foes hits another. He cannot take the time to feel the man’s pain. He pushes out with his palms. Red energy flies out, knocks the men to the floor. He scoops up the girl in his arms. Slides away with her to the police barricade outside.

Cameras flash. Damn. Should have known the press would be there. He hands off the girl. Already the tremors have started, the nausea. He joins the Flow, slides away.



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