“I Feel Lucky” by Phil Brucato

April 5, 2009

Life takes some interesting turns when the woman you love is a super-villain. (14 min)

WARNING: Adult language & situations.

An Excerpt:

We met in Charlie’s, back before the Scotts took over. It was a high fine blues joint back then, all wood and beer-sticky tables. I was there with Matt and Chris and Marty, checking out the Wednesday open-mike. Place was packed, on account of Julie Penn and Cheryl Mack. The fans were going but the place was thick with sweat and smoke. I was propped up against the bar and Linda was standing nearby, and both of us kept shifting aside to let people pass by. Even then, she had her shoes off. “You’re gonna get stepped on,” I said. I think I was smiling.

“Oh, yeah – like that’d be something new.” She grinned when she said it, but there were broken-glass edges in that smile. Her voice was clipped, her eyes wary. Challenging. I think that’s why I kept talking. I never did like skittish girls.

Morva Shepley April 24, 2009 at 11:11 PM

I enjoyed “I Feel Lucky”. I like to think that Linda, or Riplash, is some kind of superhero, of which this world has a lot since the narrator assumes his companion is familiar with the idea of people who can flip cars over.

Good one.

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