“Honoring the Dead” by Jennifer Brozek

May 17, 2009


War is hell. No one knows that better than Guard Commander Waithe. What people do not talk about is the hell that comes after for those in command who survive. Not one to shirk his duty, Waithe honors his dead. (26 min)


The battle was a slaughter and it was meant to be one. Guard Captain Waithe knew this was true the moment the kill order came in. What should have been a simple exercise in quelling a riot became an example and a message to the Purist Believers everywhere. When the military and the police were rolled into one, all a commanding guardsman could do was obey and try to do his best for both his guardsmen and the people he was protecting. He also tried to do his worst to those he fought against.

Sometimes, those people were one and the same.

Like now.

Sophy May 18, 2009 at 5:37 PM

It’s an excellent story.

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