“Forgiven” by Theodore Thompson

March 21, 2010

Possessed by a force he cannot resist, James takes a detour to save his soul. Unable to forgive himself for a past betrayal, he calls upon the one person that can explain why he deserves to be forgiven. [19min]


James looked at John with tears running down his face. His twin stared back at him hoping James could help. The yelping was pitiful and the poor animal had run out of breathe and was starting to sound hoarse. James turned his head and spotted a heavy log. He looked back to Bud and saw the animal’s unbearable suffering. Quickly, he seized the wood, and John howled for his brother to stop. As John slid down, James struck with all his might. The puppy yelped horribly with each blow until his suffering had ended.

“No! Why did you have to kill him! Why?” John threw himself into James and the two tumbled beyond the barbwire deep down into the ditch, hitting the shallow water at the bottom. James hit his head on a rock and his ears began to ring uncontrollably. Standing up, he tried to apologize to John, but his brother started punching him. His slugging was so intense that each hit was progressively harder than the last. John didn’t stop until James was completely unconscious. Relenting, John realized his brother was as limp as the dead puppy above.

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