Doorways: Wily Friend Profile

February 28, 2009

doorways5_400 Doorways Magazine (winner of the 2009 Editor’s Choice Black Quill Award for Best Dark Genre Short Fiction Magazine) is a journal of horror and the paranormal.

“We aim to use our stories and columns as doorways to transport you to other places. Some of those places may scare you and others may make you sit back and think. But all of them are here to take you out of your ordinary life for just a little while and experience a world where nothing follows the rules. A world where the itch in your eye could mean the beginning of something much more dangerous than an infection; where commonplace events have uncommon consequences; where household pets suddenly harbor dark secrets; where the sound you hear, or the movement you see from the corner of your eye, is just as scary and strange as your imagination says it might be.” — Brian Yount (Publisher – Doorways Magazine)

We Wily Writers would like to extend our thanks to Doorways Magazine for engaging with us in an ad exchange. We’re happy to be affiliate friends with Doorways. It is one of the more professional and well-edited magazines dealing with horror and dark genre fiction out there today. And, the art director, Ken Lillie-Paetz, is not only talented but extremely nice as well. A wily hoorah for the folks at Doorways!

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