“Coyote Blessing” by Owen Kerr

February 5, 2012

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Grandfather thought they’d been pulled into the Seventh World. Reggie wasn’t sure; the asteroid that landed in the ocean might have had something to do with it. One thing was certain: the old ways were done. It was a time for new songs, new blessings. And the coyote lives by its cunning… [15min]


Reggie ran up the moonlit canyon, braided black hair pounding his back like a ha’tali’i drum. He was sure the things following him could hear it. He counted side passages – left, left, right, left – and ducked into the fifth opening, his black Converse All-Stars whispering against sandstone now, not sand. He jumped over patches of snow.

He followed the canyon for fifty yards, careful not to leave any marks on the sandstone walls. They narrowed suddenly, just wide enough for him to pass through sideways.

When Reggie reached the entryway, he stopped running and started climbing. This side passage looked about seven feet deep. There was nowhere to hide. His pursuers wouldn’t see the hand- and foot-holds unless they were standing in front of them.

Reggie rolled onto a shallow ledge and waited. His heartbeat slowed and steadied as he panted quietly.
“Geronimo hid in Canyon de Chelly for over a year and he had five thousand white men looking for him,” Grandfather had said. “If all those bi’li’gana couldn’t find Goya’ale in here, we can stay out of trouble, too.”

Grandfather had been right so far.



Brian Gilmore February 7, 2012 at 4:44 PM

pretty good…

change the name from Geronimo to maybe Manuelito. Geronimo is southern AZ Chiricahua Apache. He never even saw Canyon De Chelly in his lifetime (I don’t care what anyone’s “chee” told them). Manuelito is Navajo and he most certainly did see the canyon. Besides, Geronimo gets too much billing anyway.

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