“Chaser” by Satyros Phil Brucato

September 5, 2011

A woman caught between two worlds (human and wolf) finds she can give neither her full attention. [32 min]


“We’ve got to talk.”

Gerald’s words held an ominous chill. Rachel glanced up at him as they walked. His eyes seemed cold and distant as the San Francisco mist. Here it comes, she thought. She’d seen it coming, but felt no better for the knowledge.

He quietly refused to meet her gaze, but looked off into the fog. The sheen on his face reflected the orange glow of streetlights. Up above, a slice of moon glowed fuzzy in the sky. Finally, he spoke. “I think that it may… we might… maybe we shouldn’t see each other like this anymore.”

A blow prepared for hurts just the same. Rachel swallowed. For a long time she said nothing, just felt the damp sand shift beneath her feet.

They walked in silence for a time before she answered. “Just like that?” The words grated in her throat like glass. Gerald nodded. He had no answer. Rachel hadn’t expected him to. “Well, this certainly comes out of nowhere,” she said, but she was lying. She thought she knew exactly where it had come from.



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