“Absolution” by Matt Adams

February 5, 2011

After his family is killed, Connor O’Riley experiences a revelation: he’s Absolution, God’s avenging angel. He obeys the call to silence the wicked until his war on crime leads him to a corrupt priest, forcing him to choose between man’s justice and God’s will. [34 min]


Absolution believed in angels and the power of the divine.

They had shaped him.

A lifetime ago, he had been Connor O’Riley, a bartender at an Irish establishment of good standing within his community. Like the other men and women in his family, he enjoyed the company of a stiff drink and the driving music of the Dropkick Murphys.

Saturdays were for the Fighting Irish.

Sundays were for mass.

In his mid-twenties, Connor O’Riley became no more.

It began in a dark alley behind the bar where he and his family celebrated the ups and downs of life; the victories and disappointments of the Irish football team, the confirmations and weddings, the wakes with smoke-filled rooms packed with mourners.

He’d witnessed two men drag a woman out into the street. They beat her, their words carrying the foreboding nature of what would happen next. Connor wouldn’t allow it. And, either kissed by the effects of too many shots or carried on the wings of angels, he set upon the men.


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