“A Necessity of the Present” by Jeremy Zimmerman

January 3, 2010

When a nephilim is found murdered in Goblin Town, the draconic Inspector Tenuk finds himself saddled with an unwanted partner in his quest to find the killer. Through gnomish flophouses, demonic delicatessens and eldritch sitting rooms, Tenuk and the fae Sir Donaliel slowly draw closer to the murderer. [44min]


The revel on its own did not bring Inspector Tenuk to this sparsely populated part of town. Instead, Tenuk waited patiently from his viewpoint for a goblin pimp named Silky. The Empire had licensed brothels, but some vices fell outside of even those generous boundaries. These forbidden fruits resulted in a business opportunity for creatures like Silky. The revels had a tendency to attract the darker aspects of the city, and Silky in particular liked to come there and recruit young people who were too wasted to understand what they were getting themselves into.

The constables had been there for hours. Tenuk’s forked tongue darted between his lips occasionally, tasting the air. Even from across the street, the air reeked with the musky smell of sweat and sex, the spicy scent of opium and qat, and the sharp acidic tang of vomit and urine.

An anxious note entered the reckless sounds rolling across the street, a tremulous murmur that slowly ate away at the joyous noise. The music faltered, screams of terror swelled. Soon revelers poured out of the warehouse, stepping on one another in their efforts to escape the building.

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