“She’s a Liquid” by Ever Dundas

November 21, 2010

A time-travel love story where pain, pleasure, and music will flow over you like honey and broken glass. [22min]



He heard their voices first. They broke his reverie, and he sat up, looking at his watch. They emerged from the trees by the path. As he made to stand up, the first blow came.

These senseless seconds, unfolding in ease and simplicity.

The kick to the face sent him down, his blood spattering across the leaves of a tree.

They all laughed as he lay in the grass, spitting out teeth. They dragged him up, unsteady on his feet, hands raised in supplication.

Dear Darkness

The TV Flickered. She began each morning with Nine Inch Nails live sets. The music and the lights helped her concentrate, to manage the pain. She could distinguish each pixel, each block of light. The pain would break up. It would become scattered, like the light, pulsing in and out. She thought she could control it.


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